Shoot Toronto Guide by Don Westgate [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Shoot Toronto is a self guided walking tour of the eastern part of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was conceived to inspire photographers of all levels, both amateur and professional. It doesn't matter whether you use the most basic of mobile devices, or the latest and greatest camera equipment. In fact, you can enjoy just walking the route of the tour without even making photos. But at some point you'll likely wish you had your camera with you. The Shoot Toronto Guide, now in its 3rd edition, uses a map and detailed written descriptions to guide you along your way. It also includes some basic information about many of the sights on the tour. This info is designed to help you better understand what you are photographing, and to be useful when you are looking at your photos later and want to be able to identify the subjects. It also mentions establishments of interest to photographers, such as camera stores, on or near the tour route. An Appendix contains pertinent addresses, phone numbers, and internet links. Shoot Toronto points out both the obvious and the subtle. It encourages you to keep an eye open for what others walk right past without really seeing. Shoot Toronto is designed to appeal to both visitors and long time Toronto residents alike. It not only takes in some famous landmarks, but also gets you off the beaten path to see sights you never realized were there.

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  • Title: Shoot Toronto Guide
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  • ISBN: 978-1468962185
  • Release date: 07.07.2015
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