End of the Paddle by Pat Pfeiffer [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

In 1799, Charles Bruneau decides to adventure with fur trader, Pierre Dubois. Both are shocked when Charle's wife, Jazelle, declares she is going with them. She dresses as a coureur de bois, picks up her paddle, regrets the misery, but never the going. They follow the fur traders through raging rivers, and over treacherous portages. Pierre seeks his Indian wife and son. Jazelle's goal is to be the first white woman to cross America to the Far Sea. She trusts the amulet that saved her from the guillotine will protect her. At Sault Sainte Marie, drunken, lustful traders discover Jazelle is a woman and she's put up for bids. A storm on Lake Superior destroys their canoe. To reach Minnesota, they must cross the Savannah Portage-six days mired in swamp to their waists. At Rice Lake Pierre deserts them. There they meet Charles's cousin, Paul Bruneau, and are taken in by the friendly Chippewa at Mud River. Paul teaches Charles to trap, but they are lied about and driven from the village.Captured by Hadatsa Sioux, they realized they will be tortured and killed. Anishanaabe rips Jazelle's tunic from neck to waist. Will the amulet save them?

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  • Title: End of the Paddle
  • Author:
  • Publisher: iUniverse
  • ISBN: 978-0595828623
  • Release date: 10.02.2006
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