It's My Birthday, Too! by Gina Ashline [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

A sweet and simple book, “It’s My Birthday, Too!” is modeled after my own son, Chad, who has now celebrated quite a few birthdays! Like Chad, the book’s hero, Andrew, loves birthdays and all things connected to them: the song, presents, cake, balloons, and the growing anticipation leading up to his own, very special birthday. Andrew’s birthday is on the same day as Jesus’ birthday, Christmas. Each birthday that Andrew’s family celebrates is cause for his increasing excitement and his never-ending statement/question, “it’s my birthday too!” Andrew’s mommy tries to calm him and reassure him that he will, indeed, be celebrating his own birthday too, but “not yet.” Chad, my own “birthday boy” was born the day after Christmas and came home wrapped in a stocking. While he liked Christmas, he loved Jesus, and once, when he was shown a picture of Santa Claus and asked, “Who is this, Chad?” he answered, “Noah!” This book is for him, and for anyone who knows and loves (or perhaps was and is?) a child with a delightful spirit such as his, and such as Andrew’s in “It’s My Birthday, Too!”

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  • Title: It's My Birthday, Too!
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  • Publisher: Xlibris US
  • ISBN: 978-1477174449
  • Release date: 21.09.2009
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