Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions by Philip Reed [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

With Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions, Ronin Arts launches a new series of fantasy roleplaying supplements. Inside the pages of this 32-page book you will find: 17 new professions; detailed descriptions of every profession found in the RuneQuest Main Rulebook, the Companion, and the new professions in these pages. These descriptions include expanded rules that make a character's profession selection more important than ever; and an optional system that allows characters to start play with two professions. Written by Philip Reed, and packed with solid mechanics that enhance the use of professions during gameplay, Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions is a vital tool for improving your character's chance of survival during the next adventure.

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  • Title: Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions
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  • ISBN: 978-1257401789
  • Release date: 13.03.2013
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