Be Your Own Life Coach by Dionna Hancock-Johnson, MS, LSCEdD [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

I originally wanted to write this book to give you a place where you can read some of my real life experiences of how I got on the road to life coaching myself into who I am today. I wanted to write a book that could give you real life examples that you may or may not could relate too but never-the-less could get you thinking of how you can life coach yourself into the person you would like to be some day. In addition, I wanted to show you (my readers) some of the experiences I have struggled with on a day-to-day basis while I was becoming the person I wanted to be. I am not a writer that writes just because I know how or because of my degrees but I am a writer that writes because it is a gift that I cannot seem to keep to myself. They say when something is in God’s plan, you have no say in how it will unfold; this has been true for me because of where I am today! During the final process of writing this book, I gained a different vision for writing something more than just a manual to life coaching yourself into success, but also something that could allow you (my readers) to read in one book, life quotes from others around the world who are just as successful. I believed that if you could hear it not only from me, but from others that you look up too, you could gain the inspiration and motivation you needed to become successful at whatever it is your heart desires. Finally, I wrote this book because there is a need to help others like me who sometimes struggle with getting what they want out of life. Just because I am successful now does not mean I did not have life circumstances that hindered my success, too.

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  • Title: Be Your Own Life Coach
  • Author:
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • ISBN: 978-1477278406
  • Release date: 30.01.2013
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