The Motel: Room 36 (Maid to Order Series, Book 1) by William S Wolf [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

The young cleaning girl looked at the beautiful behind of the brunette, noticing how pink the woman’s cheeks were. Suddenly, her thoughts were overcome with the fantasies she has every night in her mind, alone, in her tiny bathroom at home, fantasizing while gently touching herself in private.She starts to feel the familiar tingling between her suddenly clenched thighs. She can’t believe what she is witnessing, the couple in the position she dreams about the most. She has only been with two men sexually in her 27 years. Her fantasy, now playing out in front of her, is something she has only seen in movies and her mind.
The man places his strong hands on the woman’s lower back, leaning over her shoulder and quietly he whispers something into her ear. The woman smiles and looks towards the door at the tiny, shy blonde that was still not able to move. The man then reaches out a hand towards the trembling girl. He tells her, “My wife wants you to join us.”

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  • Title: The Motel: Room 36 (Maid to Order Series, Book 1)
  • Author:
  • Publisher: William S Wolf
  • ISBN: 978-1310805912
  • Release date: 08.11.2015
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