Dare To Be Your Own Boss by Maya Sullivan [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

“This ... idea starter should spark the interest of anyone with entrepreneurial drive. Sullivan applies a refreshing amount of altruism to her choice of categories that should give would-be entrepreneurs a sense of purpose as they consider what direction to take. ... a thought-provoking book that provides useful guidance ... as well as a treasure trove of potential business ideas.” – Kirkus Reviews

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"Many people dream about starting their own businesses. ... Sullivan ... seeks to increase the odds of success in this in-depth informative guide. The key, she states, is to discover what excites your passion and then match it with a venture. The last section is perhaps the most crucial, exploring the all-important concept of viability, followed by a lengthy list of resources for new business owners. While Sullivan doesn’t claim to have a roadmap to success, she does arm readers with knowledge that will be handy in getting there.” BookLife by Publishers Weekly



The prospect of being one's own boss appeals to millions of people. Yet it can be challenging to know what type of enterprise to create or when to make the leap.

Entrepreneurs include employees experiencing burnout, baby boomers who are too vibrant to retire and graduates who dread the thought of working in an office cubicle for 50 years.

Launching a successful venture is a five-step process:

  • Step one involves tapping into what sparks one's enthusiasm.
  • Step two entails looking at areas where there is a demand for products and services and selecting the types of people one feels impassioned to serve such as seniors, children or businesses.
  • Step three is matchmaking—taking ideas from steps one and two then combining them to identify concepts that resonate. The greater the excitement for what individuals are doing, the more likely they are to prosper.
  • Step four encompasses navigating the market research process.
  • Step five is about moving forward and taking 50 action steps to make it happen.

Dare To Be Your Own Boss will help you travel the road to become an entrepreneur. You will...

  • Use 14-keys to tap ideas that ignite your enthusiasm and passion.
  • Explore over 600-business opportunities.
  • Learn specific methods to discover thousands of potential niches.
  • Identify ways to serve the needs and desires of over 7-billion individuals worldwide.
  • Discover current and future trends to start and grow your venture.
  • Apply 16-methods of market research to determine the viability of ideas.
  • Peruse over 300-resources to develop and launch your enterprise.
  • Take 50-action steps to make it happen.

Being Your Own Boss (BYOB) can be empowering, stimulating and overwhelming at the same time. Yet you have the opportunity to use your values, talents and strengths to make a difference.

Are you one of the millions who desire to be their own boss? If so, then may you find the courage to make it happen.

Dare to follow your heart.

Dare To Be Your Own Boss


Complimentary spreadsheet: There are exercises throughout the book to help you gain insight into your interests. As you are reading, record what is appealing and rate these in terms of your level of interest and enthusiasm. By the end of the book, you will have built a spreadsheet that offers a macro-perspective of your strengths, interests, and  potential ventures.


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