Gravewalkers: Thunderhead by Richard T. Schrader [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Gravewalkers Book 3: Three hundred years have passed since an archeological discovery unleashed a rage-virus plague outbreak that transformed the population of the Earth into infectious ghouls. The zombie-minded infected hunt and kill natural humans on sight. The last remnants of mankind survive in orbital space aboard their ultra-secure technological habitats. Even with their superior science and hard won experience, mysterious accidents and inexplicable disasters continue to thwart humanity’s attempts to restore a permanent foothold on their quarantined planet.

Captain Critias of the Marshal Service’s Virgil Ludus and his combat android Carmen are on the front lines in humanity’s struggle to survive. Critias is on the trail of the secretive watchers that he believes are the source of so many unsolved calamities. Hidden in the impenetrable reforested wilds of Earth’s ruins are ancient immortal ghouls that still retain their former human intelligence that they use to defend their world against humans that have become the unwelcome interlopers.

Mankind only endured so long because of the genius leadership of the legendary King Louie, the man who united the last holdouts of survivors in the first brutal years after the outbreak began.

When a prodigy physicist opens a portal into the past, Critias and Carmen travel back to forty months after first infection to join King Louie in the hope that they will find the answer that will let mankind reclaim the Earth from the ghouls and to ensure their future even happens at all.

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  • Title: Gravewalkers: Thunderhead
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Richard T. Schrader
  • ISBN: 978-1310972898
  • Release date: 12.12.2014
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