Poetry Book of Love & Art: Belief of One - Volume 7 by ZJ Galos [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

The sixth sequel to Poetry Books of Love & Art, named ‘Belief of One’, depicts in the first poem the unique experience of poets and artists assembling in the atmospheric art space of the Art Café, close to the Mediterranean Sea, where regular meetings in a workshop atmosphere facilitate stimulation for creating works of contemporary poetry and art, not in spite of heated discussions and artists defending their own perspective ways and views of art creation, but because of it. Finally weeks of working together have resulted in friendship, sharing the magic of inspiration and the love for art. ‘Art is Love’: in this poem of recalling geometry, history and architecture, mythology and human emotions all lead to one emotion - Love. ‘Layers’: an inner dialogue in a stream of consciousness mode of poetry recalls loving moments experienced during a boat trip at sea. ‘The Life of Marble’: the process of painting a portrait of a lover. ‘bed of laid back perspective’: a journey inside a lover’s body. ‘Flutes of Marble’: famous buildings and sites of antiquity talk to the artist and his Muse, but most importantly the humanity of great prophets and leaders. ‘little death’s rehearsals’: making love is like a bit of dying. ‘Downhill Slide’: thoughts about love and mankind. ‘Since the Beginning of Time’: life as a dream. Ship of Lovers’: Drama at the sea on life’s huge ship of fools. ‘This Ship of Yours’: a sea voyage of the mind. ‘Dead Silence’: The stillness of the deep blue. ‘Act of Little Dying’: the artist’s dialogue with his erotic work in progress. ’White Wings’: About love and death. ‘Giant Wheel’: The artist paints his Muse in the nude. ‘You’d Eat Me Up’: The magical landscape of an artist’s nude portraits. ‘My Tuesday’: A passionate portrait. ‘Love for Art’: Dedication to the place and space of art happening for the artist’s first exhibition in Athens, Greece. ‘Shine Like Stars’: The artist’s search for a new direction of art expression. ‘Wine-red Sea’: Painting the changing sea and love’s expectations.

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  • Title: Poetry Book of Love & Art: Belief of One - Volume 7
  • Author:
  • Publisher: ZJ Galos
  • ISBN: 978-1311464118
  • Release date: 15.11.2013
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