In A Nazi Whorehouse by John Savage [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Salon Kitty was a high-class brothel in Berlin, in World War II. It was used by the Nazis to gather intelligence, with secrets pried from clients at the brothel by booze and sexy women.

That much is true, and a matter of historical record.

Were there really secret rooms in the basement of Salon Kitty, rooms where beautiful women were kept as playthings for a kinky, sadistic, high-ranking official? Major Mueller, recently transferred to the SS and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, was sent to investigate rumours that more was going on at Salon Kitty than sex and information-gathering, but what he found would change his whole life… after he took the opportunity to sample some of the “merchandise” of Berlin’s most notorious brothel, of course.

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  • Title: In A Nazi Whorehouse
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  • Publisher: Strict Publishing International
  • ISBN: 978-0857793997
  • Release date: 27.11.2015
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