Man, Woman, and Child by Christopher Alan Anderson [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Too many of us today view sex or sexuality as separate and apart from procreation. In this article, the author defines the whole procreation/sexual nexus as one of man, woman, and child, a nexus running through all things at all times from alpha to omega. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education from the University of Science and Philosophy, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia. He resides in the transcendental/romantic tradition, that vein of spiritual creativity of the philosopher and poet. His quest has been to define and express an eternal romantic reality from which a man and a woman could together stand in their difference and create a living universe of procreative love. Mr. Anderson began these writings in 1971. The first writings were published in 1985. On a personal note, when Mr. Anderson was asked to describe the writings and what he felt their message was he responded, "Spiritual procreation. Mankind has yet to distinguish the two sexes on the spiritual level. In this failure lies the root of our problems and why we cannot yet touch the eternal together. The message of man and woman balance brings each of us together in love with our eternal other half right now."

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  • Title: Man, Woman, and Child
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  • ISBN: 978-1622871353
  • Release date: 29.08.2012
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