Silent Night Violent Night by CJ Verburg [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Boston journalist Cory Goodwin has two good reasons to cross New England in a blizzard. One is a Christmas party invitation from her long-lost comrade-in-arts, Lilah Easton. The other is a rumor from her Phases editor that trouble is brewing among the Eastons' distinguished guests. Can Bruce Easton save his posh Connecticut estate and boutique publishing company? Is biologist Henry Howrigan being pushed out of Harvard by rising star Jeff Abels? Does Olive Chute want Henry to replace her late husband at Chute Labs, and in her bed? Is Jeff sleeping with Bruce's secretary? Is Bruce sleeping with Henry's editor, Melinda Doerr? Is it just coincidence that these same guests were here last summer when Bruce's son drowned in the pond? As the snow deepens, a string of nasty practical jokes halts the party—but no one can get out. One uninvited guest sneaks in, drunk and boisterous: ex-editor Tony Cyr, fired by Bruce and divorced by Melinda. When the final prank turns fatal, it's up to Cory—daughter of NY private detective Archie Goodwin—to trap the killer.

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  • Title: Silent Night Violent Night
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Boom-Books
  • ISBN: 978-0983435525
  • Release date: 11.11.2011
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