Strangeworld: The Mortifera by A. L. Brooks [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

To the residents of a remote Cornish village, their medieval archway is nothing more than a quaint monument that serves as one of the main regional tourist attractions. But when a mysterious creature begins slaughtering people, Jake Crassly discovers something bizarre: the archway hides a secret doorway.
As the killings continue, Jake, like most, believes it’s the work of a feral cat. But rumours spread that it could be something far more ominous. A creature unlike anything that has ever walked the earth.
In the midst of growing village panic, Jake sets about trying to unravel the secret behind the doorway. In his quest to find a key, he comes across the desiccated face of an ancient witch.
A face that might just prove crucial to unravelling the doorway’s bizarre mystery.
And when Jake, with the assistance of his step-sister, Emily, finally unlocks the door and steps through, he discovers that everything he knew about his village has been turned upside-down.
But here he and Emily learn about the origin of the monster, and almost too late, they realise the doorway must be shut.
Now the race is on. They have five days to get home. Five days to decipher the riddle of the doorway. And five days to work out how to shut the door for good.
If they don’t, then their village, and everyone they know, is doomed.

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  • Title: Strangeworld: The Mortifera
  • Author:
  • Publisher: A. L. Brooks
  • ISBN: 978-1310427183
  • Release date: 04.12.2015
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