Michael Angele by Cain South [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Michael Angele, the boy with the jade eyes. Orphaned at four years and unwanted by an uncaring family. The Reverend Johnathan Wilkes an in-law and dean of a boarding school for sons of the privileged reluctantly agrees to act as the boys’ guardian. The Reverend is a man with many dark secrets..., but finally agrees to abide by the conditions of the boys’ deceased father......., some very odd conditions in his will. Sixteen and nearing the end of his secondary schooling, came the day he found the dragon. An ancient cameo carved in Ivory and inscribed with strange runes, their meaning lost in time. From that day onward his life and fortunes seemed out of his control, the pendant somehow had become part of him. The day he found the dragon the two men found him, two dangerous men who would shape his future. His life at the boarding school completed, he had a year before starting university, but the day came when he found himself fleeing the girl who loved him and the woman who desired him. Inadvertently plunged into the world of high fashion after a chance meeting with a fashion photographer on board a plane bound for Hong Kong. Making the most of his new found freedom and enjoying life and vices of Europe’s society. However fate decreed that like it or not he was to return home and face the women in his life.

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  • Title: Michael Angele
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Bookpal Australia
  • ISBN: 978-1742844541
  • Release date: 23.06.2014
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