Product Innovation Toolbox by Jacqueline H. Beckley [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Product Innovation Toolbox: A Field Guide to Consumer Understanding and Research brings together key thought-leaders and seasoned consumer researchers from corporate R&D, academia and marketing research companies to share their experiences, cutting edge consumer research tools and practical tips for successful and sustainable product innovation. This is an essential resource for product developers, marketers and technologists who want to implement consumer-centric innovation and are responsible for designing product-testing strategies from upfront innovation to support new product development. The scope of the book by chapter shows the steps that transform a consumer researcher to a Consumer Explorer that guides the project team to successful innovation and new product introductions. Product Innovation Toolbox is designed to appeal to broad audiences from consumer researchers, product developers, marketers and executives. With an emphasis on consumer understanding and examples that range from cheese to lipstick and printers to energy beverages, Product Innovation Toolbox offers guidelines and best practices for strategizing, planning and executing studies with confidence and high efficiency yielding faster and better insights.

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  • Title: Product Innovation Toolbox
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • ISBN: 978-1118229200
  • Release date: 07.03.2012
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