General Management for Operational Managers by Rudolf Hartong [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

General Management for Operational Managers is a book based on the personal experiences of Rudolf Hartong. It describes situations he encountered during his eighteen years’ experience as a general manager and answers a lot of questions. The book begins with the basic and fundamental questioning of the general manager himself or herself. He confronts the general manager with the question Who am I? Putting in long hours is good and appreciated, but that does not automatically make you a good general manager. Creativity and skills are the main elements that you need to survive. This is a hands-on book to be used as a reference. It describes situations and decisions which you may be confronted with in your daily work of which you may or may not be aware. Leadership elements in your work as general manager are essential such as, vision, drive and passion. The writer believes that this will make you successful in operating as a general manager. Many questions and answers are based on situations the writer experienced. Cultural aspects, the uniqueness of local companies, development of a strategy, alcohol and drug abuse and managing departments are just a few of the subjects in which he shares his experiences. Rudolf Hartong has also published Human Resources in Crisis, which you can purchase via, and he is working on a new book entitled What Changed Our Lives. It is the story of an expatriate family with five children. It will give suggestions and advises for new and existing expatriate families.

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  • Title: General Management for Operational Managers
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  • ISBN: 978-1481796798
  • Release date: 28.05.2013
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