Fanny’s Futa 3-Pack by Gia Maria Marquez [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Join Fanny and Serena for a triple-header of hot futa fiction!

In FANNY’S FIRST FUTA, Fanny’s frustrated. She hates sharing in a dorm room, but her parents want her to get the full college experience. How can she have any fun when she’s stuck with boring blind Serena as a roommate? But there’s a reason Serena endlessly studies anatomy: she’s got more of it than other girls. When Fanny finds out her roomie’s secret, will Serena indulge her lesbian lust?

Fanny finds out Serena has a date in FANNY’S FUTA MAKEUP MIRROR. She’s so jealous she can hardly keep her panties on. It’s not like they’re girlfriends or anything, but just because they’re not exclusive doesn’t mean Fanny can’t set up Serena so the date is doomed. When her roomie returns in tears, Fanny’s more than happy to pick up the pieces. Will Serena find out Fanny sabotaged her date? And, if she does, can she ever forgive her possessive roommate?

In FULL OF FUTA, Fanny can’t concentrate in class. Her mind keeps wandering back to the dorm, where Serena is no doubt studying her brains out in bed. Fanny can’t stop thinking about Serena’s luscious little body with its yummy extra appendage. But when she hears her roommate gasping behind their dorm room door, she bristles with rage. Is Serena in there with someone else? Or is Fanny about to join in a threesome with her roomie and a big battery-powered buddy?

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  • Title: Fanny’s Futa 3-Pack
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Between the Two
  • ISBN: 978-1519985859
  • Release date: 27.10.2015
  • Archive include: ePub, PDF, doc, kindle versions