Armageddon Ahead by Dr. Roy Harthern [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

For many, Revelation is the least read book of the Bible. People say it is too deep to understand and can’t figure out such prophetic symbolism as the “beast with seven heads and ten horns” or the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Dr. Harthern, who has made a lifetime study of Revelation, gives you a verse by verse commentary in easy to understand everyday language. You will learn how it relates to events unfolding today.
 ● Is doomsday ahead?
 ● Does the Bible predict the end of the world?
 ● Is the Antichrist alive today?
 ● Are we approaching the Mark of the Beast and 666?
 ● Is the coming of Christ imminent?
 ● Will Iran wipe Israel off the map?

This is a handbook for new Christians as well as for mature Bible scholars want to understand the book of Revelation.





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  • Title: Armageddon Ahead
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  • Publisher: LifeBridge Books
  • ISBN: 1230000248983
  • Release date: 28.06.2014
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