BILDERBERG REPORT I by Heinz Duthel [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

I am leaving the toxic orbit of Bilderberg so I can breathe freely. So I can walk down a sidestreet without being followed by plainclothes policemen. I'm tired of men in the lobby, men on the stairs, the same men in different doorways, on different corners wherever I go. Cars pulling away from the kerb when I approach. The same cars, the same feelings. I'm tired of complaining at the station. I've complained three times now, and the final time turned nasty. They denied outright I was being followed. "This is an idea in your mind!" I showed them a photo I took today, when I took my tail on a looping stroll through the hills, waited round a corner, and snapped him unawares. They're not very good at this, but that just makes it worse. If they were a bit more subtle I could pretend they weren't there.

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