Multiples Volume 11 by Stephen Shearer [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

One is absolutely wonderful. She excites me and thrills me. BUT! More than one is over the top. Everyone’s dream is to be surrounded by nubile flesh, scintillating curves, pink tips and juicy depths. The scent is overwhelming. The touch is beyond compare. My mind reels with sensations, so many beauties, so little time. I want to please each and every one until I realize that every one of them is here to please me.

Let the pleasure begin!

Welcome to Multiples. I have here 100 photos from around the world and around the net showing some of the wildest and most wonderful females seen somewhere in the world by somebody and caught by the eye of the camera. There is something for everyone in this volume from the “awwwwww” to the “WTF!” Most of these women were caught in private, some shy and retiring, some bold and blatant, all proud to display their innermost selves.

Before any bluenoses out there get themselves out of joint, all these photographs are public domain and readily available to anyone who wishes to look them up. I have been collecting them for years and am very proud of the wide and interesting variety of images I have been able to collect and share. If images of nudity or intimacy offend you, then pass on by. Most of us consider these images to be glorious examples of lovely, proud women. I hope you have the same attitude so that you can enjoy what I am sharing with you.

Be aware that this volume contains adult material.

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  • Title: Multiples Volume 11
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  • Publisher: Butchered Tree Productions
  • ISBN: 1230000153449
  • Release date: 21.07.2013
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