Sealed Souls by Dorothy Jawwing [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

Nicole Sheldon was the ideal woman for Austin Hicop, a young entrepreneur of the Charley’s Consulting Ltd. Their first romance sparked the perfect chemistry of their alliance but the intervention of Alma Bright, Hicop’s aunty and her friend Rosaline Huse, frustrated their plans of being together and when Nicole’s foes succeeded in detaching her from her ever so sweet Austin, she falls back but finds out that Alma Bright was madly in love with Philip Sheldon, who’d do anything for her to be happy…the secret affair between Rosaline and Philip is the glue that seals Nicole’s love thirsty soul with Austin’s…

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  • Title: Sealed Souls
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Deltrionne Books
  • ISBN: 978-2897285333
  • Release date: 13.05.2014
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